Farmington Wrestling MMA Fighter Shorts (youth& adult)

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Delivery UPDATE 1/18/2019
I've been informed these will ship next week.  I'll be in touch with update midweek (1/23)

We have a slight delay at the moment. I am working with our manufacturer to get a better idea of what we can expect.  Check back for updates. John Wilder


Farmington Wrestling MMA shorts. 
100% polyester sublimated MMA shorts, with lycra inseam, elastic waistband, and drawstring

Blue short image below is a sample to show fit. 

The Tiger layout is our design. We will take orders for this product now through December 8th. Please allow about a month for delivery.


Sizes: we do not have a size chart. However, sizing is true to size.  Think Target clothing as a really good reference.